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The Hemiplegia Handbook

“Everything you need to know about having a child with hemiplegia”

“Very informative and put in language you’ll find easy to understand”


The Handbook Price for non-members: £19.99

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Authors: Liz Barnes and Charlie Fairhurst Foreword by: Robert Goodman

Publisher: Mac Keith Press

A detailed overview of hemiplegia covering a wide range of aspects from its causes to information  on how to support a child affected by hemiplegia. Practically oriented, the Hemiplegia Handbook aims to be a useful guide for both parents and professionals.


    2.Understanding the brain and movement
    3.Causes of hemiplegia / hemiparesis
    4.Possible clinical problems: their signs and symptoms
    5.After diagnosis - what next?
    6.Assessment and clinical management
    7.Family Life
    9.Adult Life
    10.The emotional impact of having a child with a disability

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Updates and corrections

As we are now in a period where significant changes in the health and education system are taking place, some of the content of this book may change over time. We have set up a page to refer you to modifications and updates on specific sections.  Please click here to read updated information.

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