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Statementing and testing

This page cannot address the specific problems of each individual child. In general though, the earlier a problem is identified and addressed, the greater the benefit to both the child and the teacher. If more information on specialist services is required, please contact HemiHelp.


If your pupil has serious problems in one or more of the areas outlined above, your local educational psychologist should be able to provide practical advice. You may also wish to discuss with parents, psychologists and therapists whether a Statement of Special Educational Needs is required.


Provision exists within the regulations for SATS testing for children with Special Educational Needs, whether statemented or not, to have extra time and / or other appropriate help, e.g. use of a keyboard. If the child does not have a Statement, the school may need to seek permission in advance from the LEA for certain special arrangements.

Teachers should consult Special Arrangements for Key Stage 1 (or Key Stage 2) Tests (available from DFE publications).

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