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What's it like to have hemiplegia?

Here, you can hear and read other people's experiences of living with hemiplegia. Want to share your story? Tell us what it's like to have hemiplegia at the bottom of this page or make your own video and we will show it here

'Living with Hemiplegia' short film


Courtenay, age 17

Courtenay shares her experience of school and what makes her 'look at the bright side'.

Louise, 23

Louise tells us how she's gone from bottom of the class at school, towards a 2.1 at university.

Danielle, age 31

Danielle talks about the importance of a supportive family and why it's the little things about her hemiplegia that are annoying.

Chloe, age 14

Chloe shares her experience of school and offers some advice for other children with hemiplegia and their parents.

Poppy, age 15

Poppy tells us why it's not her hemiplegia that's the problem at school.

Joe, age 4

Joe's mum tells us how a specially adapted trike helped Joe feel like his friends.

Nicholas, age 7

Nicholas's mum tells us why her seven-year-old son is her hero.

Emily, age 19

Emily talks about how hemiplegia can be character building... and how it has helped make her the independent, adventurous person she is today.

Lisa, age 18

Lisa tells us how she overcame a lack of confidence and learnt that it's ok to ask for help

Jayne, age 41 

Despite life being tough sometimes, Jayne has never let hemiplegia stop her from living her life. 

Nick, age 15

Nick writes to us from Marbella, Spain, to tell us about his hobbies and dreams for the future.  

What about you?

If you have hemiplegia, we'd like to hear from you. Tell us about your experiences below. When you press submit, your contribution will be emailed to the HemiHelp office. Please note: if you'd like your story published, you'll need to supply your contact details (below). Please also note that we may not be able to publish all contributions.

What are your experiences of having hemiplegia?

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