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Joe, age 4

Joe's mum says... I am writing about my youngest son Joe who is four and a half years old. He has had right-sided hemiplegia since birth due to having a stroke in the womb, we didn't find out until he was around eight months old.

He is a very happy little boy but sometimes feels different from his friends who can ride bikes and scooters. Joe doesn't understand why he can't ride the same ones as them but recently Cerebra (a charity) gave us the funding to buy Joe a specially adapted trike that he can ride and he now feels like all his friends.

Joe has been at nursery for two years and soon he starts reception class in a different school, so we're not sure how he will fit in although he has brothers and a sister there. Apart from having a noticable limp and stiff arm (and limited use of his hand) he is a very happy boy and tries not to let his hemiplegia get in the way of having a fun-filled life.

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