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New information sheets

What is hemiplegia?HemiHelp members are always telling us how useful our information sheets have been to them, but many of them were written some time ago and have become out of date.

However, with the help of a grant from Awards for All we have now done a complete overhaul of our information base, updating sheets, removing a couple that were no longer relevant and adding new ones. We have also introduced a series of information sheets aimed at our adult members, as part of our pledge to improve our services to them.

You can read and download our new information sheets on the website now, and we will continue to add to them, in order to give our members the best possible service.

One new feature of our information materials is that they reflect directly the experience of people living with hemiplegia. In 2008 HemiHelp ran surveys of its members to find out more about their lives, either as parents of children with hemiplegia or as adults with the condition. Some of their responses, as well as posts by members using the HemiHelp message board, have been quoted in our information sheets.

HemiHelp would like to thank them all for giving their permission to use their statements for the benefit of others.

If you have got any comments or suggestions about these leaflets or others you would like us to produce then please let us know.

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