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Equipment list

This leaflet has been compiled as a list of equipment and suppliers that members of HemiHelp have over the years found useful in living and dealing with hemiplegia. Please help us keep it up to date by letting us know of any changes to the details you find here, or if you discover a brilliant piece of equipment and think others should know about it.

Included here are aids for writing, dressing, washing and eating as well as a few miscellaneous suggestions all designed for people with either the use of one hand or limited use of both hands. At the back of the leaflet is an address directory for you to contact the suppliers directly.

Please note that you may not have to pay VAT when:

  • buying certain items that are intended exclusively and specifically for the use of a disabled person, such as a wheelchair or adapted computer keyboard
  • having a vehicle adapted to suit their condition, or leasing a Motability vehicle
  • having building work done to adapt your home because of your child’s disability

Aids for Writing

Angled Desk Top

‘Write angle’ wedge of desk top at a 20 degree angle, also available with a non slip mat. Philip & Tacey Ltd

Angled desk top with magnetic top Posturite (UK) Ltd

Bookstand/clip board/Sloping board all in one.


Posture pack writing slope Back in action

Desk Clamp ‘Free hand’ desk clamp—assists with reading, writing and drawing Peta

Drafting head

‘Variomatic’ by Staedller Good for geometry. Available from all good stationers

Foam Grip

‘Dexball’ holds pen, pencil or spoon in position Insight Medical Products

Hand huggers

Triangular colouring and lead pencils, colouring pens and markers and triangular ink pens. You can purchase these from the HemiHelp website


Computer keyboard designed for use with one hand. PCD Maltron

Magnetic boards

A4 paper can be secured to a metal board using magnets or slipped between pages of an exercise book (These boards have sharp edges and therefore should be bound or framed before they are given to children). NES Arnold

Pencil Grips

Either specially moulded or triangular. Make grip much easier Nottingham Rehab and Homecraft. You can purchase these from our website

Rulers and Geometry Sets

‘Discovery’ & ‘Achiever’ by Helix. These are good math’s sets, which can have magnetic strips stuck on the back for use with or without a metal/magnetic board. Available from all good stationers.

Rulers and protractors with handles

NES Arnold

Ruler Cutter and Mat

Operates along the same lines as a traditional guillotine Brookvine Home Shopping


Self-opening handles of loop scissors that are easy to grip and can be operated with just a small squeeze. Peta, Promedics, Stirex, NES Arnold

Easi grip scissors Homecraft

Left handed scissors Anything left handed. You can purchase these from our website

Personal Hygiene

Long reach sponge

Plyfoam sponge on an extra long handle Homecraft

Nail Clipper Board Securely attached to a plastic base on suckers to provide stability whilst clipping. Promedics

Plaster cast cover

Waterproof protectors that slip over casts and splints to protect them when taking a bath or shower. Help at Home

Aids For Eating

Dycem & Stay in place Mats

Non-slip mats in a variety of shapes and sizes, also available on a reel for table tops etc. Homecraft, and Benefits Now, Ikea (branches nationwide). You can also purchase these from the HemiHelp website

Dyna Fork

Fork with an extra wide prong which is sharpened to enable it to be used for cutting – both left and right handed available. Nottingham Rehab


Plastic version of The Knork - knife, fork, spoon in one. Can be purchased from Amazon (below) or individually from some camping shops and home stores

Electrical Tin Opener

Light & comfortable mains operated opener. Homecraft

Free Hand tray

This tray has a handle that allows you to carry it with one hand. Homecraft and Help at Home

Grater & Peeler Boards

Frame with detachable blade and optional spike to hold veg in place. Homecraft


This is a two-in-one knife & fork enabling you to eat with one hand. You can purchase these from the HemiHelp website

Mini jug kettle

Ideal for boiling small quantities, this kettle is light and easy to lift. Homecraft

Plate surround

Guard which snaps on the side of any plate between 23-28cm, to push the food against so that it falls back onto the spoon. Homecraft

Rationell interior fitting drawer mat

Stay in place matting Ikea (branches Nationwide)

Safety cooking basket & strainer

Mesh wire basket avoids the need to lift heavy saucepans Homecraft


Soft rubber handle to slip over an ordinary spoon or fork – many sizes and shapes. Nottingham Rehab and Homecraft

Snap-on Apron

No fussy strings or ties this apron simply snaps on round the waist. Help at Home

Twist & Turn Jar Opener

Fits to the underside of a kitchen wall cabinet, so you just need to grip the jar or bottle, not the opener. Lakeland and Homecraft

Aids To Dressing

Elastic & Curly shoelaces (CoilersTM)

These are designed for easily taking off and putting on your shoes without the hassle of tying. Fledglings. You can also purchase these from the HemiHelp website

Grey school trousers

Elasticated waist boys’ school trousers up to men’s sizes. Kevins School Oufitters

Hook and Eye fitting

John Lewis (Nationwide)



Cotswold Cots make beds to order.

Card Curve

Holds a “hand” of cards in a curved shape. Lakeland

Card Shuffler

An electronic device that shuffles one or two packs at a time. Homecraft and Brookvine Home Shopping

Exercise putty

For finger and hand exercise, easy to handle non-oily putty Homecraft

Microwave Wheat Hot Water Bottle

Cotton quilted cover with non toxic reusable gel pack heated in the microwave. Homecraft and Brookvine Home Shopping

Needle threader

All standard needles can be threaded on this simple plastic device. Homecraft

Twiddler hand exerciser

Chromed metal spring for exercising fingers and hands by stretching and squashing. Homecraft

Useful Addresses

Ace Centre Advisory Trust (Aiding Communication in Education) Tel: 01865 759800 Email: Website: Assessment, advice and information for young people in education who have communication difficulties. Good Leaflets.

Anything Left-Handed Ltd Tel: 0845 8723 272 Email: Website: (includes online shop). Specialist mail order company which provides properly designed, fully left handed versions of everyday items such as scissors, pens, cameras and kitchen utensils.

Back in action Website: Search under posture – From £20 for posture pack. Complete pack includes seating wedge, writing slope and storage case.

Beesneez Website:

Benefits Now Tel: 01983 529590 Website:

BIME (Bath Institute of Medical Engineering) Tel: 01225 824103 Email: Website: Registered charity carrying out design and development in medical and rehabilitation engineering. Works with both users and medical professionals. Informative website.

Brainstore Tel/Fax: 01376 501000 Website: Products aimed at ages 8-16 to improve learning performance.

Brookvine Home Shopping Tel: 01494 773395 Mail order catalogue with a vast selection of household equipment.

Children Today Tel: 01244 335 622 Email: Website: The provision of equipment and aids for helping children and young people to overcome their difficulties.

Cotswold Cots Tel: 01993 842 885 Website: Will make beds to order for those with special needs.

Disabled Living Foundation Tel: 020 7289 6111 Helpline: 0845 130 9177 (10am-4pm Mon-Fri) Email: Website: Huge amount of information about useful gadgets, plus an equipment centre.

FledglingsTel: 0845 458 1124 Email: Website: A brilliant charitable search and supply service, particularly for unusual items designed for children with special needs. Also, the cheapest supplier of coilers shoe laces we have come across.

Gilbert & Mellish Ltd Tel: 0121 475 1101 Email: Website:

Great Little Trading Company Tel: 0844 848 6000 Email: Website: Ingenious household gadgets and clothing aids.

Helix  Tel: 013844 24441 Website: Helix is a major distributor of education , home and office products throughout the world. 

Help at Home Tel: 08700 552222 Inexpensive range of household equipment. Phone for a catalogue.

Homecraft Tel: 08444 124330 Email: Website: The UK’s largest distributor of daily living, therapy and paediatric products.

Hotter Comfort Concept Email: Website: Velcro fastening boots and shoes.

In-Car Safety Centre Tel: 01908 220 909 Fax: 01908 317 536 Website: Children’s car seats etc.

Keytools Ltd Tel: 023 8029 4500 Email: Website: Specialist supplier of hardware and software.

Lakeland Ltd Tel: 01539 488100 Website:

Lodgesons Tel: 0870 013 2420 Email: Website: Gadgets for the disabled driver, such as infra red controls, bleeper systems and steering balls. Manufacture all kinds of scissors, including push down scissors and those for left-handers. Manual available, ‘Developing Scissors Skills’, produced by paediatric occupational therapists.

MERU (Medical Engineering Resource Unit) Tel: 01372 725 203 Email: Website: MERU design and manufacture bespoke equipment and devices to meet the needs of disabled children where there is no commercially available alternative.

NES Arnold Ltd Tel: 0845 120 4525 Email: Website: Catalogue of educational products for Early Years, Primary and Secondary children. Includes Special Needs products.

Nottingham Rehab Supplies/Ways and Means Tel: 0845 121 8111 Email: Website: Enormous catalogue of products for the home, educational toys, hobbies and haberdashery.

PCD Maltron Ltd Tel: 0845 230 3265 Email: Website: Computer keyboard designed for touch typing with one hand. Requires good dexterity and uses non-QWERTY layout (instructions and exercises supplied).

Peta UK Ltd Tel: 01245 231 118 Email: Website:

Philip & Tacey Ltd Tel: 0845 123 7760 Email: Website:

Posturite UK Ltd Tel: 0845 345 0010 Email: Website: Producers of the desk top sloping boards, with a magnetic facility for holding paper in place.

Promedics Ltd Tel: 01475 746400 Email: Website: Run Functional Solutions. Producers of orthopaedic and electromedical products.

Remap GB Tel: 0845 1300 456 Email: Website: Teams of engineers who make up one-off pieces of technical equipment or modify commercial equipment free of charge.

Scotts of Stow Order line: 0844 482 2800 Email: Website: Phone for a catalogue. All sorts of household equipment.

Schein Paediatric Footwear Tel: 0121 333 2099 Email: Website: Shoes, sandals and bootees in various colours and patterns. Open to the toes and extra depth.

Steps—Special Toys Educational Postal Service Tel: 01803 214124 Website: Adapted toys which can be borrowed on long term loan.

Whizz Kidz Tel: 020 7233 6600 Website: Provides support for disabled people in leading a more independent life.

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