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Child’s perspective

Here's what one child thought of our Music Workshops!

We were taught a lot about rhythm and keeping in time. This included stamping, clapping and making up a pattern for everyone else to copy! There was also a session where we split into two groups with either African drums or maracas. We each learnt a different tune and when put together it sounded quite melodious! There was also the chance to play the cello, piano, one handed recorder, saxophone, clarinet and flute!

Some of us were asked to perform a short piece at the Children Helping Children concert. There was just a one day rehearsal where we devised ‘The Haunted HemiHelp House!’ using an assortment of instruments including boom whackers, drums, blocks and some of our own.

None of this however, could have been done without the musicians and helpers. I would like to thank them for all they did, and providing us with a fun piece for a great concert! Not only that, but thanks for the workshops which were lively, enjoyable and even our parents had to take part!

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