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Creative workshops

We hold Creative Workshops across the country, where children and their families can get together in an informal, friendly atmosphere. Workshops may incorporate music and include trying out a range of different instruments. Drama and creative movement workshops are fun and engaging sessions for children of all ages.

Forthcoming workshops 

24th or 25th January 2015, Children Helping Children workshop, an opportunity for children to sing at the HemiHelp Children Helping Children concert.  

Past workshops

Music and dance in Manchester

17 children recently attended our Music and Dance Workshop in Manchester.  The younger kids choreographed a cool routine with some street dance moves. The older kids learnt the famous dance routine to “Thriller”, adding original moves of their own.  We were very impressed!

The music workshop saw the kids try various musical instruments, sing action songs and improvise and compose their own music.  A well attended parent workshop was included in the programme and a great day was had by all. 

We hope it inspired some of the children to take up dance or music as a new hobby as we think they did fab!


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