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Fun Day in Devon 2012

On Saturday 30th June, over sixty children and their families joined us for our annual Family Fun Day which took place at the beautiful site of Hannah’s at Seale-Hayne in Newton Abbott, Devon.

The day kicked off with some old favourites such as football, plus arts and crafts which resulted in a colourful array of fairy wings and wands, fish on sticks and glitter covered parents wandering around the site!

We introduced some new activities this year, including a pets’ corner at Hannah’s Farm and Sirona Horsemanship where the children got to meet the ponies, give them a good lick and polish (or groom, as they say in horsey circles) and whizz around the grounds on a specially adapted cart pulled by the ponies.

Finally, the most popular activity of the morning was fencing, kindly provided by members of Newton Abbott Fencing Club. The kids learnt the basic moves involved in this graceful sport which is fantastic for children with hemiplegia.

It really works on balance and co-ordination, plus you only need to use one hand. For this session, four of our HemiHelp staff joined in as part of our Olympic Gold Challenge. The children laughed, I mean cheered them on, whilst they raised some money for HemiHelp!

The afternoon gave the children an opportunity to get in the mood for the forthcoming Olympics with an indoor athletics session kindly provided by CP Sport and England Athletics. For the more musically minded, a music tech session saw the kids make music with sound beams and have a go at a whole host of musical instruments. For those whose ears could not take that kind of volume, there was a treasure hunt in which the children (or was it the parents…?!) competed to see who could answer all the clues dotted around the site.

Finally, one piece of feedback received which sums up what our Fun Days are all about said “my daughter really enjoyed spending time with other children who had hemiplegia. Her disability made her part of the gang instead of excluded from it. She has gained a lot of self-confidence in knowing that she is not alone.”

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