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Hemiplegia Awareness Downloads

Raising hemiplegia awareness any time of year? Whether you’re raising awareness or funds, feel free to download and print any of these free educational resources, to raise understanding.


Include a poster in a display at your hemiplegia awareness activity — or at any disability or health-related event. Put up a poster at your school, workplace, medical facility, library, or community centre. Or post one in your window doorway, or car window.

  • Hemiplegia Awareness Poster (new for 2015)
    “Hemiplegia affects one side of the brain: it can affect the body, learning, emotion, and more.”
    This poster includes HemiHelp’s Awareness Week message, and an example of an MRI image of a brain affected by hemiplegia. It can be used year-round!HemiHelp Poster
  • HemiHelp's 'classic' poster 



Include booklets in any displays you're putting together. Or have some available or hand them out at your event. You can also order printed booklets from HemiHelp)

  • What is Hemiplegia
    An easy-to-understand overview about hemiplegia, produced in line with the requirements of The Information Standard, of which HemiHelp is a certified member.
  • Stepping Back
    A guide for parents or carers of teenagers coming up to and going through the transition stage of life in the 16 years and older age range.



Information sheets and other publications

HemiHelp also produce a wide range of information sheets that you can download or order on many aspects of hemiplegia; as well as other publications. 

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