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Survey: Your Child’s Treatment

Liz Barnes, one of HemiHelp’s trustees, is part of a Working Group on childhood spasticity set up by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), the body that produces guidelines for the NHS on appropriate treatment for specific illnesses and conditions to improve people’s health and prevent and treat ill health.

The group will look at the use of such things as physiotherapy, AFOs, Botox and orthopaedic surgery to treat children with non-progressive brain injury, including hemiplegia and other types of cerebral palsy. However Its remit only covers treatments intended to improve the movement and function of your child’s affected limbs, and doesn’t include the treatment of any other diagnosis your child might have e.g. epilepsy, visual impairment.

Liz’s role in the Group is to represent the parents/carers’ perspective and it would be a great help if you could give her some feedback on your experience of your child’s treatment that she could reflect during the Group’s discussions.

So please try to take a few minutes to fill in the short survey below and return it to HemiHelp. Please tick all boxes that apply.
Thank you.

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