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The HemiHelp Summer Newsletter is out now!

Newsletter 6213 July 2007

Have you got your copy of the HemiHelp Summer Newsletter yet? This issue is all about Music, and how it can be of particular benefit to children with hemiplegia.

Features include:

  • HemiHelp Music Workshops: hemiplegia, harmony and a haunted house!
  • Children Helping Children - photos from February's fantastic fundraising concert
  • Helping children to reach their potential - a feature on Musical Keys, a Norfolk charity offering musical activities to children with special needs
  • Jake's a superhero! - a profile of Jake Waby, a young musician who has right hemiplegia
  • "It may not be as fast, but my rhythm is just as good" - a young woman with hemiplegia talks about how music has become a passion in her life.

HemiHelp produces a quarterly members' newsletter, where members can not only read about the latest in everything from gadgets to research studies, but can also share their own problems, hopes and experiences.

To receive our newsletter regularly, you need to be a member of HemiHelp. So if you or a member of your family has hemiplegia, or you work with people who have hemiplegia, and you'd like to read our latest newsletter, join HemiHelp now!

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