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Post 18 get together in Oxford, 9 February

28 January 2008

Kathryn Skillings, HemiHelp Trustee, writes:

"We will be holding a HemiHelp get together in Starbucks, Cornmarket, Oxford on the 9th February from around 1pm, It's right in the centre of Oxford and I've been assured it has disabled person's access. We're very likely to go out for a drink later in the evening too for those who are interested.

If you'd like to come then either contact me through the HemiHelp message board or the HemiHelp office, or just turn up! Our meet-ups are always good fun and well attended. Hopefully other HemiHelp members will be announcing get togethers in other areas soon!

It's a great chance just to catch up, have a drink and a chat..

Most of the time adults with Hemi have never met another Hemi so there tends to be some comparing/contrasting, looking for advice stuff, but generally it's just a bunch of 20/30 somethings in a cafe/pub on a Saturday talking about what every other 20/30 something in a cafe/pub on a Saturday talks about.

Details are recapped below:
6/7 Cornmarket Street

According to them they are accessible so we'll hope for the best : )

We'll be there from 1pm."

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