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Recruiting families for physiotherapy DVD project

Some of you may be aware that HemiHelp is planning to produce a physiotherapy DVD for families. The finished product will feature exercises tailored for different age ranges with the aim of helping the development of those with hemiplegia from babyhood right through to adulthood. 

A recent survey of parents found 100% think a DVD showing how to do physio at home would be a good idea – now we just need to recruit some children to demonstrate the exercises. The project will be led by highly experienced physio Kiki von Eisenhart-Goodwin so those taking part will be sure to pick up some expert tips along the way!

Those volunteering their time will be needed for two weekends in London – one for an assessment and the other for filming. Both will take place at Kiki’s clinic in Clapham. Travel expenses will be covered by HemiHelp and we will provide food and drink on the filming days.

This was initially scheduled to take place last year but was put temporarily on hold while we secured the extra funding we felt the project deserved. We now hope filming will go ahead in summer 2010.

We already have some families on board but still need to recruit some more children in the following age groups.



3 to 9-year-olds


Please email if you would like to be involved in this exciting project.

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