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A message from HemiHelp's Chief Executive

John Adams29 June 2007 Welcome to the new HemiHelp website! Whether you are looking for information on hemiplegia, communicating with others through our Message Board, or simply curious to find out more about HemiHelp and what we do, we hope you find our site informative, accessible and easy to use. HemiHelp is a small but growing charity for children and young people with hemiplegia, and their families. As we grow, we aim to:

  • Increase awareness of Hemihelp and the needs of children and families living with hemiplegia
  • Reach more people in order to offer support to every child and family affected by hemiplegia
  • Support our members through our Newsletter, events and other services
  • Increase our income so that we can achieve these goals.

If you'd like to find out more about how we have striven to meet our objectives in 2006/07, you can read more about our Goals and achievements. You can help us to achieve our goals by doing the following:

  • Join us - If you or a member of your family has hemiplegia, or your job involves working with people with hemiplegia, please become a member of HemiHelp. The more members we have, the stronger our voice, and the more able we are to provide support to the families that need it.
  • Volunteer - Give your time to HemiHelp! Whether it's manning our helpline, helping out at one of our events, or providing admin support in our Head Office, we always need dedicated people to help us. Find out more on the Volunteering page.
  • Donate - HemiHelp is a small charity that receives no state funding. We are completely dependent on your support to carry on providing services for families affected by hemiplegia. Please make a donation to HemiHelp - you can give online or by post, and every penny will make a difference.

HemiHelp is enormously grateful to its many supporters and friends and welcomes your feedback - please contact us to tell us what you think. We need your help and support if we are going to make a difference! Finally please don’t forget to tell your friends about HemiHelp. Best wishes, John Adams

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