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Help a product design student find everyday living solutions

Please see below for a message from HemiHelp member William Holland-Leavens. If you can help William with his research, please contact him directly on

I am in my third year of my Product Design degree and am doing a project regarding helping people with a disability, including those that have been disabled by accidents or illness.

I am disabled myself (left-sided hemiplegia) but need the thoughts/opinions of others if my research is to be valid. If you fall within any of the above categories I would be grateful for your help.

I need to identify domestic tasks that people have difficulty with, both indoors and outside e.g. preparing veg for cooking, gardening etc. In your email, please tell me what tasks you have difficulty with and briefly outline how you're affected by your disability.

Any information you supply will be treated confidentially. If you are able to help, please contact me ASAP as I have limited time for my research.

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