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Welcome to HemiHelp

HemiHelp is a charity providing support and information to people with hemiplegia and their families in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is hemiplegia?

Hemiplegia is a neurological condition the effects of which are similar to a stroke. It is caused by damage to the brain and it results in a varying degree of weakness and lack of control on one side of the body. Hemiplegia affects one child in 1000. Find out more about hemiplegia

The Hemiplegia Handbook

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Written by neuropaediatrician Dr Charlie Fairhurst and Liz Barnes, a trustee at HemiHelp and parent of a child with hemiplegia, the handbook gives an overview of living with hemiplegia with straightforward explanations of what can go wrong and the management options; and with clear descriptions of approaches to therapy.

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HemiHelp provides information and emotional support for anyone affected by hemiplegia. Watch a video about HemiHelp to find out more

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